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What we do

A unique decision-making platform for local authorities & mobility stakeholders

Local authorities and mobility stakeholders are seeking to move away from obsolete silo approaches and develop strategies to stimulate the shift to cleaner and more sustainable modes of transport, such as walking, cycling, public transport and new models of vehicle use and ownership.

GeoTwin combines human-centric design with cutting-edge technology to develop an integrated business intelligence platform powered by activity-based multi-agent modeling and advanced data analysis methods.

Planning Multimodal Transportation

Traffic Congestion Free public spaces Fewer Emissions Accessibility Sustainable Mobility

GeoTwin brings forefront research on a commercial scale in demand management, optimization and visualization. We integrate every mobility modes into a single multimodal transport planning tool and provide credible results to improve regional performance. Our platform helps cities & mobility operators to integrate emerging services such as VTC, carsharing and micromobility into transportation plans.

Connection between shared mobility into multimodal transportation

We enable the development of mobility solutions by sourcing, curating and standardizing data on international scale (e.g. cartographic boundary shapefiles, demographics evolution, environnement specifications, mobility needs, transportation rules and policies...) that serves as inputs for city modeling, transit orchestration, route optimization and urban logistics.


We offer our advices to meet the challenges of transport solutions' transformation by analyzing mobility patterns, passengers profiles and activity chains. We help determine whether new mobility services complement or compete with existing transportation investments.

  • Designing, modeling, and optimizing sustainable mobility services On-demand autonomous ride/car sharing services, air urban mobility.
  • Helping local and international mobility operators to answer to Call for Tender Process Technical support related to sustainable urban mobility indicators.
  • Accompanying local and regional agencies in becoming Mobility Managers.
  • Measuring the impacts of emerging mobility services on public transit and transportation equity
  • Evaluating impacts on trip choice and vehicle ownership decisions.

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