Retail & Real Estate

Find out where your customers live, work and spend their free time, and how they move

We find the best locations for your business and the most efficient uses for your properties

Our platform facilitates large-scale, in-depth analysis of locations, determining the sort of people who are likely to pass it in the future, as well as its accessibility across different modes of transport.

The analysis can be categorized into different characteristics (e.g. age, gender, income) so that you can tailor the use of a location to target a specific audience.

We find the best places for your advertising

Our platform predicts where people will be and why, at any given time. It can even tell you the attributes of your target customer at specific locations such as age, gender and income level, making it an extremely powerful tool for marketing campaigns.

This means you can personalize your content and the way it’s delivered to your potential customers, increasing your sales as a result.

Use your properties in the most effective ways and find the best locations to develop.

Maximize the return on your real estate projects by developing locations tailored to the needs of your customers, employees and future buyers. Ensure your properties will always be accessible and desirable.

The future of real estate is heavily influenced by the way mobility is designed within cities.