City Planning

Optimize and orchestrate future & existing transportation offers for a better investment & regulation decision.

The platform helps public and private authorities to efficiently model city-scale decision making enablers.

We integrate all modes of transport (current and future) within a single transport planning tool, providing credible results to support your investment & regulation decisions. Mobility affects not only the way we get around but also our infrastructure needs. For example, when a city center tries to improve traffic congestion, parking facilities become more attractive. In addition, the rise of micro-mobility, such as electric scooters and bikes, is redefining the way we see distances between destinations. Micro-mobility solutions affect city centers and the surrounding areas, reshaping the idea of cars as the dominant mode of transport. For example, electric scooters make it easier to reach public transport stops and stations.

With GeoTwin, you can anticipate these changes to maximise your advantage

This changing mobility landscape means that areas, which previously saw little activity, can suddenly come to life and provide lucrative opportunities to early movers.