City Insight

Understanding travel and consumption behavior (household and individual level). Advanced visualisations & analytics enablers

GeoTwin proposes EU first individual level demographic and dynamic location intelligence data

GeoTwin ingests a wide range of data inputs to deliver more valuable insights. These include publicly available data sets, from the EU and US Census and land use regulations to private data sources such as aggregate mobile location or credit transaction data, and real estate transaction data. GeoTwin publishes the results thanks to its advanced visualisation and analytics enabler. The end user can visualize household and individual level information generated by the synthetic population of a given territory. We use seamless cloud storage for different data sources that we ingest on GeoTwin’s City Insight.

Detailed Population Segmentation, Activity and Trip

City Insight includes an added layer of data showing the type of persona in a segment and shows lifestyle habits to better serve visitors and residents. We have some detailed persona level information concerning their age, sex, income, employment. Each person has a specific activity in a given time of the day, such as home, work, leisure, shopping, education, health, etc. GeoTwin also proposes the dynamic location intelligence for each persona with their trip origin - destination and trip modes and purpose.