Human-Centred Global Intelligence Platform

A turn-key & scalable Simulation-as-a-Service Environment.

Make sense of city movement

Predict people’s behavior and activities

Simplify and synthesize complex data from multiple sources

Visualize and predict current and future mobility patterns

Explore future scenarios to make better investment & regulation decisions

Run the activity and agent-based simulator in a few clicks to go from data to decision !

Create a new project

Invite your collaborators

Clone and modify an existing model or build a new model from scratch

Add & Set-up your scenario on retail analytics, on mobility...

Run simulator and analyse result

Data Libraries

Ready to use City Models, Scenarios & Data Sets

Different Verticals, Similar Challenges...

Choose a ready-to-use model from the GeoTwin models library or create your model from scratch. An automated and scalable Simulation-as-a-Service (SMaaS) environment.

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