'We are passionate about what we do and ambitious in our efforts.'

GeoTwin is a Paris & Singapore based software development company founded in 2019 by best in class researchers & professionals experienced in transportation, smart cities planning, computer science & software development.

The Story of GeoTwin


At GeoTwin, we have been working hard to develop a new approach to quantify mouvement and consumption behavior using passive data. Instead of actively collecting survey information from a small sample, we use passive data collected for a large proportion of the population during their normal activities and travel without any overt interaction

We believe that a rapidly changing landscape necessitates an agile solution for the decision makers. This is one of the pain points that motivated GeoTwin’s team to launch its next-generation decision-making platform

About the Company

GeoTwin was founded in 2019 in Paris by Göknur SIRIN-JUBIN, PhD.

GeoTwin is an advanced computing and research startup that operates an online research platform called 'Human-Centred Urban Analytics Platform' powered by GeoTwin's population synthesizer and next-generation activity & agent-based simulator.

GeoTwin’s analytics platform harnesses fresh and human-generated datasets that empower urban and market analytics, allowing users to easily answer complex questions about the current and future behavior of people in a given geographic area.

GeoTwin’s cloud-based research platform is an industry first that dramatically reduces time and cost for analysts, researchers and decision makers. Users run their own simulations, quickly change parameters or hypotheses, and get results in a matter of hours, which is in stark contrast to contracting a specialist to do a million-dollar plus study that takes months or years.

We firmly believe the input data used by GeoTwin solutions (mobile phone, plethora of open-source, payment cards etc.) comes from real life data, providing precise insights into the way humans behave today.

Our vision

What makes us unique ?

We provide simple answers to your complex questions. Our best-in-class human-centred technology has worldwide applications and strong scientific background.


Input data used by GeoTwin solutions (mobile phones, payment cards etc.) comes from Real Life Data and gives precise insights into the way humans behave.

Closing the feedback loop : human-generated data powering a human-centred solution to improve human lives.

What do we believe in ?

Complex human-centred lab sciences can make cities around the world, better places to live.

Our mission

To develop an easy-to-use decision-making platform, usable anywhere in the world and by any end-user profile.

Key Team Members

Building a great start-up means beginning with a solid team and unified company culture. Our core values are based on excellence, ambition & humility, the foundations of everything we do at GeoTwin.

Institutional Partners