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GeoTwin’s harnesses the real-life data to understand and forecast people's movement and consumption patterns

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Combining data, AI, activity and agent-based simulation to build intelligent products and services to use them to improve people’s lives....

A unique decision-making tool that uses simulation to show you Who, Why, Where, When and How people are moving around a specific area. This provides you more information to help you make more reliable and better decisions across different sectors (Energy, infrastructure, mobility,...).Our tools can be used for city planning, advanced behavioral analysis, shared & electro mobility and retail & real estate.

What is behind our platform?

We make complex scientific paradigms accessible for non-technical users. We provide faster and credible outputs thanks to our next-generation programming language and micro-service architecture.

  • Solutions & Visualization
  • Activity-Based Modeling & Advanced Agent-based Simulation
  • Data Sanity Check & Ingestion
  • Data Enrichment & Secure Storage

Built To help

GeoTwin’s platform is designed not to track people but to help cities gain insights about movement patterns.

Who are we?

GeoTwin is a Paris & Singapore based software development company founded in 2019 by best in class researchers & professionals experienced in transportation, smart cities planning, computer science and software development.

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